Reservations and Information

For reservations of the house or pavilion please call
Nelda Croft, Event Supervisor 386-330-0133.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to reserve the playground pavilions located by the playground and baseball field, please contact Suwannee Parks and Recreation at 386-362-3004.


F E E S   A R E   D U E   3 0    D A Y S   P R I O R   T O   E V E N T

Refundable Security Deposit for All events is Due at Time Of Booking (No Sales Tax on Security Deposit)

  • Security Deposit fees are separate from rental fees and are refundable after your activity if there are no damages &/or additional hours used.
  • Notice of cancellation must be received 90 days prior to the event for a refund. Notices received less than 90 days prior to the event will result in forfeiture of security deposit.
  • Any cancellation received two (2) weeks or less from the event will result in a forfeiture of all fees.
  • All notices of cancellation MUST be in writing.
  • Security Deposit fees may be adjusted for non-profit organizations.

Deposit for Events Scheduled at an Hourly Rate: 50% of Rental Fee


Deposit for Indoor Events Using First Floor Only, Up to 50 People, $100


Deposit for Indoor Events with Use of House and Designated Outdoor Event Area, up to 30 People: $225

Deposit for Outdoor Events with Use of House and Designated Outdoor Event Area, up to 350 People: $450

House Rules

*updated 04/06/2020

Heritage Park is a public park. The grounds are open to the public seven days a week, from 8am to dusk, unless closed for maintenance. The home in the park is available for rental, as are the grounds, for special events, Sunday – Saturday. In order to maintain the House and Park in its pristine condition, we have set some ground rules for guests and those employed by guests. This list is not exhaustive.

    All functions are to follow the House Rules: 

    • There is no smoking in the house. Outdoor smoking is discouraged. If guests do smoke, please be sure they use the designated containers to dispose of cigarette butts.
    • All parking must be in designated areas only.
    • Wherever possible, unloading may be done from the driveway by either carrying or using a dolly to transport materials. In order to keep the main drive passable, all vehicles should be parked in the designated parking lot as soon as unloading has been completed.
    • For the protection of the aging irrigation and the lawn, vendors or others delivering tents, or extra large equipment must contact the  House and Grounds Manager, Debbie Gast, for directions on where they can drive and park while unloading.
    • Due to fire code restrictions, the upstairs is not open to the general public. The only approved access is for brides and bridesmaids to use two rooms upstairs as dressing rooms. The groom and groomsmen will use the downstairs bedroom/den as their dressing area.
    • The kitchen and all areas used by the party are to be cleaned at the conclusion of the function. This includes any service or preparatory areas.
    • Professional, licensed caterers are highly recommended to assist with your food service. All caterers should come with a full complement of staff. Heritage Park does not have staff available to assist with this.
    • Professional, licensed caterers must provide the Friends of Heritage Park and Gardens with documentation of  a Certificate of Insurance, that must include:
      • Friends of Heritage Park and Gardens of Live Oak, Florida, Inc. as an additional insured party for that one event.
      • Insurance coverage for general liability and liquor liability (if liquor is to be served)

    Caterers/Event hosts are expected to: 


      • Provide their own supplies such as dishes, cutlery, garbage bags, detergents, paper towels, etc. There are no serving pieces or cooking pans available at the park. 
      • Use the stove and oven for warming only. They are not to be used for cooking.
      • Pick-up and remove any trash/garbage from the premises at the end of your event. Please leave the areas used by your group clean.
      • Make sure that all guests protect the park environment: 
        • Please make plans to use birdseed or bubbles for wedding celebrations, since rice has been found to be harmful to birds. Also, please refrain from using candy, confetti, sparklers or artificial flower petals.
        • Please do not throw liquids or ice in the gardens, since various liquids can be harmful to the foliage.
        • Any chairs rented from a rental company are to be set up by the rental company, caterer, or the rental party. Heritage Park cannot be responsible for this service. The chairs and tables in the house or garage are not to be moved or used outside.
        • Event times are set at the time the Park is reserved. Scheduled times include setup, event and cleanup.
        • On occasion, we may have more than one function, on the same day; when this occurs, the caterers and guests need to respect the following or previous party. Drop offs for the latter party will not be allowed until after the contracted ending time of the earlier party, or may be arranged through the House/Grounds Manager. Likewise, the earlier party will not be permitted to leave any items such as rental materials in the house beyond the contracted time. As a service, the garage on the property may be available to store items, if space allows, until they can be picked up. Any items left, personal or rental, will be held for no more than two days. After two days, there will be a $25/day storage charge.  
        • If a tent is used it should be placed in the designated area with prior approval by the Event Coordinator and House and Grounds Manager in order to prevent damage to underground irrigation, pipes and electrical lines. 


      • The furniture, pictures, and paintings in the Heritage Park home should not be moved, nor are they to be used as support for any decorations requiring tape or tacks. Likewise, the walls are not to be marred with tape or tacks. The window curtains have a pull down shade, which may be used if necessary. Please do not try to close the curtains themselves. If there is a question regarding decorations, please contact the House and Grounds Manager.
      • Decorative candles are not to be used in decorations if they must be lit by fire. The use of candles is restricted to wedding ceremonies, birthday cakes, etc., where they are quickly extinguished.  Battery candles are acceptable.
      • Tiki torches may be used outdoors, please check with the House and Grounds Manager for placement.
      • In compliance with Florida Statue 791.02, sky lanterns, also known as kongming lanterns, wish lanterns, sky candles or fire balloons are prohibited in the state of Florida, including Heritage Park and Gardens.
      • Alcohol use and consumption during indoor or outdoor events must comply with city ordinances.
      • Musicians will be asked to keep the volume of music at a reasonable level. All outdoor music and public address systems must be turned off by 11 pm.
      • There are 30 parking spaces available near the house on the park property. If any additional parking is needed, please discuss this with Event Coordinator as soon as possible. There are 200-300 spaces available for overflow parking. Due to the narrow driveway, parking is only allowed for unloading and must be moved as quickly possible.
      • Guests are expected to respect the historical structure of the Crapps Home. Do not mar the structures with staples, tacks or nails. See the House and Grounds Manager before hanging anything from the walls or moving any pictures or painting. She  will supervise how this can be done.
      • The park will be constantly changing, new plants are being added, and new garden areas designed. Please check with the Events Coordinator to see what is being planned in the park near the time of your special event.
      • The House and Grounds Manager or her designee will open and close each event as well as be in attendance for all or part of each event.
      • The linens required for the tables are not available at the park. Most of the tables are standard sizes making linens easily obtained from most local rental companies. See item 21 for sizes of tables.

        Available Equipment

        *updated 04/06/2020

        Available Equipment/Quantities and Measurements: 

            • Four (4) 48” round tables (for indoor use only
            • Six (6) 30”x72” rectangular tables (indoor use only)
            • 45 metal folding chairs (for indoor use only)
            • Mantel – 7’10” x 10’
            • Dining Room – 22’8” x 15’
            • Living Room – 29’3” x 17’10”
            • Outdoor ballroom area – 4700 sq. ft.
            • From the back patio to the arbor – 218’
            • Outdoor reception area – 5200 sq. ft.
            • Rear patio – 11’ x 32’
            • Overflow parking area: 200-300 cars